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Animal Portraits

Sabina the Artist

Every day, I'm amazed by the subtle messages animals send me. 
Their energies, emotions and points of view form unique messages that transcend words.

The Artist in me seeks to put this magic into my work, to give visual voice to the silent exchanges. 

When I paint, I connect heart-to-heart with the animal. I feel their essence, perceive their vibrant reality and uniqueness.  I aim to capture their presence in my creation.

Each work becomes a channel for sharing a story, making visible what is often invisible to  the human eye.

My work is a tribute to the magic of nature and the diversity of the animal kingdom. It's my way of collaborating with animals, of showing them that we listen to them, that we honor them, that we understand their importance in this complex ecosystem we share.

By offering you a Watercolor Painting of your animal, you bring a fragment of my Animal Communication into your home. You create a space where your animal's presence can be felt, where you can hear its silent voice.

This unique and personal watercolor of your animal will remind you that we share this planet with a multitude of amazing beings, each with its own voice and its own role to play in the great story of life.

Animals love to share their Views ! 

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