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"Sabina is very strong in what she does. She operates on a high spiritual level and is able to receive signs and messages from the universe and animal souls. She has access to the highest energy vibrations and is able to read very accurately information provided by animal soul and higher forces. I am beyond grateful that the universe brought us together. Thanks to Sabina, I received messages from my passed away dog, which gave me real comfort and answers to my questions. Sabina is a very empathetic, loving, warm person who really digs into your questions. She has a highly developed sensitivity, intuition and the ability to clearly read / interpret the information of the soul of an animal. Thanks to her I feel connected with my passed away dog forever. I had a case that is unusual. When my dog died tragically, her soul told me she would come back to me in this life as a human. As I had not heard of such cases before, I started looking for information on whether it is possible at all and it turns out that it is. The universe took me to Sabina, who also confirmed this by communicating with my dog's soul, which is already at a higher stage of development and confirmed again what she had told me when she left this earthly life in the form of a dog. I can't wait for our meeting again in another human form. I recommend Sabina from the bottom of my heart! She will be perfect companion and bridge between you and your loved animal."

Iveta, Latvija

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"I met Sabina during an emotionally intense and difficult time in my life: my 16 years old dog was at the end of his life. I wanted him to guide me through his end-of-life choices and Sabina was by our side, tirelessly, faithfully, even though we hardly knew each other.

I can never thank her enough for accompanying us (Doudou, Ouatson: my other doggie and me) at this stage of our lives.

I often reread our communication exchanges with my Doudou, which move me.

Sabine is a gentle, caring, sunny, loving person; simply what I would call a "beautiful person / beautiful soul". I will never regret my first contact with her.

Beyond her communications with my Doudou, she was able to reassure him, tell him what I wanted him to know and make contact with him again in the afterlife.

I recommend her with my eyes closed for all animal communications and thank her for being who she is."

                  Andréa, France

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I wanted to thank you for the work you did for my cat Maïtyka who was peeing on the carpets. She continued a bit right after the  session,  but a few days later she stopped completely.

Stéphanie, Switzerland

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“The conversation Sabina had with my dog was really helping dramatically. Sabina got it that my dog was seeing the geese as dogs and not like the chickens.

After talking with Sabina, my dog got so much calmer.”

Karleen, United States

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"Nala travelled all by herself  from Switzerland to our new home in New Zealand !  

15 endless days in planes, airports, vet cabins, boxes and cages!  
She was super brave and fully prepared and didn't waste a single second getting out of her cage and visiting the whole house!
I'm so happy to have her with us again ! 

Thanks again for all your help and for the time and energy you invested! Nala was just as fit as if we'd left her for a weekend. I've never seen her so calm during a trip! Thank you so very much !"

Loraine, New Zealand

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"Sabina knew how to be just right in every way for my cat. I was bluffed out by details she could not have guessed! Sabiina is listening to animals and  their humans  in a very friendly and caring way.

I am very grateful and do recommend her."

Laetitia, Belgique

Sabina, helped me a lot. My dog was not tolerating the kitten I had just adopted and thanks to her, I was able to understand why. She gave me details about my dog that only I know. I will definitely call her again if I have a problem.

Héloïse, Belgium

Myrian, France

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"My 12-year-old Terrier's health was deteriorating more and more, and we were in despair. We even thought we'd have to cancel our vacations, fearing the worst. Then someone recommended that I consult with Sabina. 

The result was miraculous! In just ten days, our companion showed a marked improvement and we were finally able to go on vacation together.

My Terrier is running with joy and vitality again, sometimes even faster than me! It's a real joy to see him like this, and I'm extremely grateful to Sabina for her incredible work.

"Sabina told me that my horse didn't like riding in the van because he couldn't see where we were going. 
This had me stumped, but a professional pointed out that my horse was afraid of the van because he can't see where he's putting his feet when he gets out, in reverse. 
At that moment I understood what the message my horse had sent to Sabina!
So I bought a van with a front exit and now he loads very well!
I admit that I was skeptical about animal communication, but Sabina convinced me because everything Sabina passed on to me was correct."

Alexandra, Switzerland

"A huge thank you to Sabina,

she helped me understand my dog's reality and now we are moving forward together like never before."

Vladimir, Mexico

" I am very happy to tell you that my big wish came through! Over the last 3 or 4 nights, little Orlan slept close to me on the bed!  He started this new behaviour right after you communicated with him.  I immediately understood that you had a fusional conversation with him. He is a treasure of a cat who understands everything and is incredibly gentle and kind. Thank you so much Sabina !"

Josée, France

"With patience, sensitivity and loving care, Sabina managed to understand and help our severely mistreated dog.

Of course, it's a team effort, but I'm convinced that she has succeeded in helping him on the road to letting go of his past and gently allowing him to believe in himself. His road is still long, but it already seems less perilous. Thank you, Sabina."

Isabelle, Switzerland

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"Since Sabina contacted Kayla, she's been doing much better.  This morning was the 1st time in a long time that she invited me to play

together.  Her energy has returned and

I feel and see a significant improvement

in the bond between us.

Thank you Sabina for helping me to better understand my little Kaya.

I send you all my gratitude."

Carine, Switzerland

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