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What information will I obtain from an Animal Communication session?

Your animal may share information that helps you to understand behavior problems, health issues, age-related concerns, or even afterlife communication.

Some information will immediately resonate with you, while other information may not make sense to you at first. You may figure out later what a certain message meant. ​

Just like humans, some animals are chatty and talkative, while others remain more quiet and reserved. ​

For the best results, be open to whatever messages your animal wants to share.


Please note:

A session is not a quick fix for behavior problems or health issues. It can never be a substitute for veterinary care.

Is there information one cannot obtain?

I will only receive what your animal shares. One of the most difficult things to understand is that some things are not ours to know.

​I believe part of our learning is to open our hearts to our beloved animals and share this journey with them. If you are meant to help them, you will.

Can we do an in-person session?

In-person sessions are not available. Connecting remotely with a photo is often a lot easier, and the information is clearer without the distractions of me being with your animal.

The session will be done via WhatsApp, Google Meet or Zoom.

What do I need to do to prepare for a session?

To connect with your animal friend I will need two photos: one photo showing their eyes, and a second one showing their  full body.  Please send me the photos along with the questions you would like me to ask at least 3 days before our session.  

If you find some time it can also help to feel excited and positive about the upcoming session. You may even relay to your animal that you are looking forward to sharing messages with them.

Do I need to be near my animal during the session?

No, this is not needed because I work with the energy.

For our meeting to review my session with you, your animal does not need to be with you either.

Can I record the session?

Yes, recording your session is possible as it can be difficult to remember everything that happens.

Can I give you questions to ask my animal?

Yes. I will share your questions with your animal during the session and translate their answers into words. 

Can my departed friend talk to me?

When an animal ‘dies', their soul leaves their physical body behind. The soul, like everything else, is made of energy. This means I can read an animal’s energy even if it is no longer alive.

My animal went missing. Can you help?

It is possible for me to contact a lost animal and ask them to return home. I can also send him your messages and motivate him to find his way back.  Unfortunately I cannot guarantee results; and I won't be able to locate them  geographically.

How many sessions can I schedule with my animal?

I recommend an annual or bi-annual appointment with your animal. This will keep things fresh and will allow more messages to accumulate.

Remember, I can only obtain the information your animal wants to share or that which is for the highest and best good for all involved.

What if you can't make the connection?

Although I have never experienced this, for various reasons, it can happen.

If this were the case, we would simply reschedule your session for another day. In the unlikely event that this continued I would refund your money.

How do I set up a session?

To set up your session click HERE. This will take you to my bookings page. 

To confirm your booking you will need to fill in a form with basic info of your animal and to pay your session.  

In parallel, please send me two photos of your animal friend, showing his/her eyes.

I look very much forward to work with you and your animal!

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