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About me 

Hola, I am Annick

I grew up in the center of Switzerland, surrounded by mountains...

As a child, I spent long hours in nature, watching the sky and listening to the birds. I had a Saint Bernard puppy and we could read each other's minds.

Together we rescued injured lizards, hedgehogs, and birds.

I loved to make friends with people from all horizons. 

With time society's vitality and the city's allure grew stronger. I decided to study languages, to better understand the world.  But questions araised after questions. I shared unanswered questions with my cat, who always helped me sense what was most important.

When I was 17 years old I felt the need to explore new horizons.


Swiss girl in the 70ties
My  Story

I remember feeling a mysterious gap between nature and the human world when I was a child. While in nature I felt free and happy, I felt respected and motivated in society. "I live between two universes," I wrote in my diary. Intrigued by this difference, I started to explore the world.  

The more I opened my heart to the difference, the more the gap between the two realities diminished.

Years later I felt guided to follow the call of my heart’s desire to help people and animals by bridging nature and the human world.

third eye
My Vision

II believe that we are all one, humans, animals, and nature. We are connected to all other species by a web of energy, and they are connected to us by the  same web of energy. The cognition of animals and humans is very similar. The more we respect each living being and honor its soul, the stronger the bond becomes. It is a flow of love and energy that all living beings require. We can converse with a tree or a puppy... and work together to move forward.


Grandfather with baby cat
My Mission

I am here for you and your animals. My role is as a translator. I  am here to listen, understand and translate into human language what your animal shares with me.

My mission is to help you to get a deeper understanding of your animal's being and find new ways to improve the everyday life of both of you.

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