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My Cat urinates outside the litter box.

Updated: Feb 14

If your cat has stopped using the litter box, it may be a frustrating and often complex situation.

Can Animal Communication help?

Litter box aversion may be related to a health problem. Therefore, the first thing to do is a visit to the veterinarian.

If no health issue is diagnosed, I recommend you implement the following changes:

  • Put a new litter box in the area your cat has chosen to relieve herself.

  • Put a second box in another room, in a highly frequented area.

  • Choose large, open boxes.

  • Do not put plastic bags in the box.

  • Use an odorless, clumping substrate.

  • Make sure to put at least 5 cm of litter, so that your cat can easily scratch.

Then, it is important that your cat finds its own marks.

  • Do not remove all the poop and pee balls immediately.

  • Clean the entire box only once a week.

  • Do not use strong household cleaners or white vinegar.

  • Just use hot water and baking soda, no strong household cleaners or vinegar.

After implementing these changes, be patient.

Cats do not like to change their habits!

  • Keep in mind that you are asking your cat to conform to a box imposed by you, also they have found their own solution.

  • Your cat may even act up for a few days. This is called “a communication peak“

  • Whatever the case, reassure your cat and be confident.

If, despite your best efforts and patience, your cat continues to pee or poop outside the box, your cat is showing you that something is wrong!

  • Be aware that this behavior is not to be interpreted as punishment or revenge. Your cat may be feeling anxious, stressed or unwell, but never vengeful.

Animal Communication can help you better understand your cat's message and find the source of the problem.

Animal Communication can provide the help you need to change your cat's behavior.

This is not to say that communicating with your cat will solve the litter problem by itself. However, a session with me will help to clarify things and ensure mutual understanding.

From that moment on, solutions can be found together and there is a real chance that everything will work out.

Energetic treatments, naturopathy, flower essences, a change of food etc., could help your cat to give up his unclean behavior and return to his litter box.

To get there, you as a human being must walk the path together with your cat.

Being understood is always a good start, that's where it all begins.

Has your cat developped a litter box aversion?

If you confirm, I recommend you book an

Animal Communication with Energy work follow-up

This offer is very complete and includes Animal Communication, Energy Work, professional Counseling and also a Follow-up Session. It has already helped in numerous cases !

Click here for details and online booking

Animal Communication with Energy work follow-up

Thank you for giving your cat the chance to be heard !

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