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Animal Communication with Energy work follow-up


By choosing this package, the Animal Communication will be completed one or two days later by an energy session with your animal. 


My Animal Communication with Energy work follow-up includes  the following 3 sessions: 


To begin, I will enter into communication with your animal friend using two photos that you will have sent in advance. During this exchange, I will discover your animal's personality and feelings. I will also take the opportunity to ask them your questions. This first part will last 30 minutes.


The second part of the session will be an exchange between the three of us: you, your animal friend, and me. You and I will make contact by phone or WhatsApp while I will also invoke your animal’s energy to join us. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and get your animal’s messages directly while I translate the messages and guide you. This second part will also last 30 minutes.


The third and final part of this package consists of a 30 minutes follow-up and Energy Session with your animal.

I will reconnect with them some hours later, send healing energy and help them to better understand and assimilate your messages.

My energy work helps to restore the balance and flow of your animal’s energy on a physical and emotional level.

It allows faster changes in resolving behavior problems, removing blockages and promotes natural healing.


To go even further,  you can ask me for a personal illustration of your animal friend. For more details click here.


Note: once your reservation is made, you will receive a confirmation email. This email will include some basic questions about your animal and my request for 2 recent photos: one photo showing your animal's eyes and one showing their full body.


I will also propose you some dates for our online session.


Once confirmed, I will send you an invitation for our session.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Animal Communication with Energy work follow-up

Animal Communication Session

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