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Watercolor Portrait of your Animal


Combining my Animal Communication abilities with my artistic talent, I can create  exclusive, unique and personal portraits of your animal friends. 


I combine watercolor, drawing and digital techniques, and most attention to detail. 


My artwork will be based on your favorite photographs.  


I suggest you  book an Animal Communication session at the same time,   and your animals' portrait I will  be  insprired  from what your animal shares with me.  


Digital art, approx. 800 x 1200 pixels

One correction included.



To get a portrait you will really like,  please make sure you send me several clear and bright photos you really like.

After approximately 4 days,  I will send you the draft portrait by email.

I will be open to making a change if you wish.

Once approved, I’ll send you the  high resultution jpeg file by email. You can print it wherever want and as many times you want. 


For more information, please feel free to contact me.


Get your Animal's Portrait

60 min AC Session

Prices displayed in Swiss Francs (CHF)

For other currencies

 please use Currency Converter

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