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You are going on vacation...

Updated: Feb 8

... and your dog can't come with you?

Leaving without your dog is no easy task. However, there may be many reasons why you need to leave without your dog.

Here's how to make both of you feel calm and confident

Firstly, you'll need to find a good place for him. If you're lucky enough to be able to leave him with a family member or friend, that's ideal.

Sometimes, the best solution is to leave him with a guardian, or at a local animal shelter.

In any case, before committing yourself, it is important to ask your dog what he thinks of the person or place you are considering.

Once your choice is made, be sure to inform all parties of your dog's needs, habits, and quirks.

You should also provide all the necessary information on your dog's state of health, including your vet's contact details.

Prepare for your dog's emotional well-being

If your dog has trouble spending time without you, train him by leaving him alone or with someone else, for shorter or longer periods.

And when you return, don't encourage his excitement!

As your departure approaches, let him meet several times the person who will be taking care of him. This will help your dog to feel more at ease when the moment actually comes.

If your dog is going to stay elsewhere, a couple of familiar items should go with him. First and foremost, his dog bed! Furthermore, leave one of your T-shirts or a pair of your socks with him, and his favorite blanket.

Finally, don't forget his favorite food, treats & toys.

Show your dog what to expect

To prepare your dog and give him maximum confidence, I recommend sending him mental images. You don't need to be an expert in Animal Communication to do this!

The following technique is valid for all animals who are close to your heart. It allows you to mentally prepare your animal friends for moments without you:

Easy and effective Animal Communication :

● Close your eyes and imagine you're far away from each other.

● Feel this distance, then share this feeling with him.

● Send him pictures of where you're going.

● Then show him images of where he'll be staying.

● Visualize the person or people who will be looking after him.

● They give him food, they play with him, they offer him hugs.

● Now ask him what he thinks of this person and this place.

● If you get the impression that he's not comfortable, ask him why.

A few days before, and especially the day before your departure

● Send your dog images of the moments to come.

For example, if you're leaving in the morning, simply show him how you woke up, take him for his morning walk, say goodbye, and drive away.

The day of separation

This special day it's all about physical activity, which can make a big difference.

● Take a walk together, play ball or get him moving before you leave. By expending energy, your dog will feel more relaxed during the changes.

Stay in touch with your dog during your vacation

● Take time to think of your dog, and encourage him mentally.

This is so simple, yet essential to his happiness!

● Then, to tell him how long you'll be away, show him the person feeding him in the morning, and in the evening. This goes for day 1, day 2, day 3... keep going through the days in this way. And finally, send him the picture and the feeling of excitement at your return!

● If your dog is going to change homes while you're away, show him you are bringing him home! You're walking through the door, petting him, hugging him, and enjoying yourself together!

In Conclusion

You know your dog (cat, horse...) best, and you know what's best for both of you when you go on vacation.

The key is not just to be sure that your dog is in good hands, but also to send him comforting and happy messages both before and during your absence.

Remember, your animal friends are very sensitive to your emotions!

Enjoy your vacation!



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