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Work with me

Do you want your animals to be healthier, happier or more well-behaved ? 

Linking heart to heart via love, telepathy and intuition, I can read your animals thoughts, feelings, intentions, and viewpoints.​

I am a professional ​Animal Communicator certified by Marta Williams and I have spent extensive time honing my intuition and communicating telepathically with countless animals.

A session with me is an opportunity to get invaluable insight into all aspects of your animal's life. I will be creating a bridge of better understanding between you and your animal. Your relationship with them will be enriched and deepened as a result of this experience.


I can help you in the following ways:

  • Assist you in resolving your animal's behavioral issues

  • Get answers from your animal to your questions

  • Connect with your animals that have crossed over

  • Find out how your animal is feeling in his or her body

  • Understand your animal better than ever before

  • Provide counseling and guidance


Please note: all my Animal Communication work is completely private.  

Before you book, I recommend you read my commitments of Confidentiality and Ethics.  



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Discover the Artist in me

Sometimes, when an animal delivers me a heartfelt message, it stimulates the artist in me.

To view some other samples, please visit my Blog. 

If you'd like to get a unique and fully personal illustration of your animal friend, I suggest you order the package "Animal Communication and Illustration".

You'll find the details of all my services on the Book now Page. 

 Animals love to be given a voice! 

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Work with me
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